About Us

       Foshan Nanhai Xulong Spring Factory, formerly Shannan Hongtao Spring Factory, founded in 1979, after more than 30 years of diligent hard working, Xulong has developed into the leading enterprise of spring industry in Foshan area.

       Xulong is a privite-owned enterprise, located in Nanhai district,Foshan city with well-equipped facilities and convenient traffic, own staff about 200(32 technicism and QC included), can produce various of round wire springs whose diameter arrange 0.08mm to 60mm and rectangle wire spring and stamping whose thickness arrange 0.15mm to 25mm, the products cover most of the manufacturing fields,through the joint effort of all the staff of Xulong, it got the the certification of ISO and become the supplier of lots of famous company such as HONDA, these years, the turnover of Xulong maintain RMB 70 million,and the products are sold to domestic market and abord market such as Europe. America and middle east and setted Xulong’s high reputation with the great quality and perfect service, also established a long-term cooperation relationship with our customer.

       The products cover a wide range include compression spring, extension spring, torsion spring, spring clip, wave spring,spiral spring, die spring,wire form and various of metal stamping which used in the fields of auto, motorcycle, furniture, elevator, mine machine and so on.

       Raw material: there are alloy steel, carbon steel, stainless steel, tin bronze, phosphor bronze and other grades of steel springs, also we can order materials according to customer’s requirement.

 Size of material:  round wire:0.08-60mm

                          Rectangle wire:1*1-25*25mm

                          Steel sheet:0.1-25mm


Manufacturing equipments:

       18 sets of CNC universal automatic spring coiling machines which can product all kinds of springs whose wire diameter arrange from 0.1mm to 5.0mm.

       20 sets of CNC universal automatic compression spring machines which can product  springs whose wire diameter arrange from 0.08mm to 20.0mm.

       1 hot coil spring production line which can produce springs whose wire diameter arrange 18mm to 60mm.

       35 sets of punching machines, 10 sets of heat treatment furnaces, 4 sets of shot-blasting machines, 10 sets of CNC griding machines and so on.

       Inspecting equipments: spring tension and compression testing machine of all sizes, small spring fatigue test machinery, big spring fatigue test machinery,projector, microscopic hardness meter, Metallographic analyzer and so on.

       Product design: we can design and develop advanced products according to customer’s require and their product’s over-whole character to try its using and quality, also, all our staff will try our best to solve the problems in time during the using.


We will continue striving to provide customers with high quality products and services, to achieve a win-win goal!

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