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       Hello! Welcome to our website Xu Long spring.


       Network transmission of information, communication and promote friendship, developed modern information technology makes your gently about clicks, let us become friends never met, here is a very great and convenient communication platform.


       Time slowly, fleeting, since the" Shannan Hongtao " before, Xu Long spring has gone through more than thirty years of China, has experienced test, Xu Long spring to spring-like resilience to adapt to the development of society and the market, and always adhere to the innovation, quality and development of the route, to gain market acceptance, hard work, the final harvest, Xu Long spring growing, Foshan City, has now developed into the largest manufacturer of springs, and adopted the ISO 9001:2008 and TS 16949 certification.


       Xu Long spring can have today 's development is inseparable wook spring joint efforts of all my colleagues, Xu Long Spring existing staff of 178 people, there are many old former employee in this work more than 10 years, can be said to be dedicated to youth Asahi dragon springs, spring will try the next wook should give employees a sense of belonging, go hand in hand, and common development, will wook spring to a new starting point !


       Xu Long spring development is also inseparable from the support of our customers and friends that you love them and care is constantly springs eternal power Xu Long before the trip, so Xu Long succinct spring tide in the market, has always been able to proudly at the forefront, in this deeply grateful !


       In the next new journey, Xu Long spring close unity of all my colleagues and customers to work together , casting a new glory!

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